Our story

I don’t even know if there is any other alpine coach from Slovakia, that coaches Olympic winners. Vlado Dzugas was lucky o do so.

He was very succesful member on four Winter Olympic games. He was a member of Czechoslovakien Olympic team on Winter Games in Calgary. I

n 1990 he followed his dream of coaching and left to becomme one of best coachies. Initially he was coaching at University of Colorado in Boulder. During his first year of coaching schol hi won the most prestige University competition NCAA.

In 1994 he became a coah of US women speed team. That same year he was a member of the US Olympic team in Lillehammer, where diann Rolffe won gold medal and Picabo Streetsitver medal. They where under Vlados wings. After a succesfuli years with womens team Vlado moved to the mens downhil team. Where he got hold olympic medal with Tommy Moe. 

Under his coaching he brought up many successful skiers and a World cup winners, such as Kyle Rassmusen, A.J.Kitt or Daren Rahtves.